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Universal Trading System (UTS)

We teach a unique Trading System (UTS) which is followed by Top 5% of Successful Traders and Investors.

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What We Do


Teaching You Art of Raising Your Secondary Income Independently through To-The-Point learning & Universal Trading System, without You having to depend on external things like News, Tips, etc.


To help Individual Traders  become Self-Reliant, Independent, Confident and Successful. Help them consistently compound their hard earn money.


Providing Unique Trading System & Skills for becoming a Universal Self-Reliant Trader for those who want to start investment trading, build portfolio and ultimately attain wealth.

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Universal Trading Blueprint

It is a Course designed for Freshers as well as those who wish to compound their money through Consistent, Systematic trading. This help you achive monthly ROI of 5%.

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My Trading Story & Philosophy

My Passion for Teaching and Trading kept me searching for the Stock Trading System which is suitable for any common man who wish to put his hard earned money to work, without having to invest more than few minutes a day. Challenge to us as modern age humans is that we look for immediate results, otherwies we are not ready to take action. And given the limited capital we got, we get attracted to ways which claim to give us quick and huge returns. This put in very risky position. And we get attracted towards FnO or Intraday Trading with leverage.

The search was not easy, many ups and downs came in way. Like any other human, I fail pray to greed and ended up trading FnO or Intraday – which eventually resulted in loss. But, one thing was in my favour – my intention to find a system for good of others. After 3 years of testing and fine-tuning, I finally fomrmulated the Universal Trading System – which is capable of identifying stocks which can give 5% or more returns in shotest possible time of 2 to 15 days. And even a person with as little capital of 5000 can start profitable trading journey. Idea is to identify winning stocks, invest for short term and to book good profits in short time, so as to compound the capital as fast as possible.

Universal Trading Academy Address

Universal Trading Academy

Shop No. 9, Shanti Nagar Building, Opposite Nakoda Building, Yashwant Gaurav, Nallasopara(W), Palghar - 401 203